Monday, September 03, 2007

Chess Blogs, Chess Clocks and the Law, Synergies

We were looking for something....and found that
the Kenilworth Chess Club has a page with descriptions of and links to chess blogs.

Magnifichess is mentioned there and at the Boylston Chess Club Web Log as a pioneer chess blog. We regret, however, not having since then had much time to play more chess and do more chess blogging, an online art which of course has developed greatly in the interim, so take a look at those links.

We mention the Boylston Chess Club Web Log because one of their postings led to one of my postings at LawPundit, and that particular posting was chosen to be featured in the just published ebook BlawgWorld 2007, as I explain here, which will go out to 0ver 50,000 people in the legal field. I wonder how many of them are chess players?

It is this interlocking synergistic element which makes the internet so fascinating to this writer, because it opens up combinations, much as in the game of chess, which arise in the course of playing a match (or writing a blog) and which can not be foreseen in advance.

I also found out, for example, at a posting of the MMU Melaka Chess Club Blog, that chess can make people smarter. As an educator myself, it is an intriguing possibility to suggest to elementary and secondary schools that chess be made an important part of the curriculum in order to improve student thinking abilities.

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